Wildbirds & Peacedrum
6 pm
Remise Wälderbähnle

Wildbirds & Peacedrum


This married couple from Stockholm promise an indefinable mix of spiritual pop, earthy blues, enthralling beats and percussive sounds. They first met in 2004 in Gothenburg at the Academy for Music and Drama and since then, they have earned an excellent reputation as a live act. Performing up to 120 concerts each year, they have gained an active following worldwide and have collaborated with artists such as Arcade Fire, Lykke Li, Deerhuuf and many more. That’s right, we will be presenting another duo here! Wildbirds & Peacedrum work with drums and toned-down vocals to show the different sound spectra that can be produced. As archaic as a grilled piece of meat on the bone, and just as tasty (vegetarians, please forgive us for the comparison, we’re sure that Emanuel will be preparing only the best food for you…).

  • Andreas Weerlin drums
  • Mariaam Wallentin vocals