Vula Viel (GB)
22.00 h
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Vula Viel (GB)

“Dance to it, make love to it, consume it, listen to it, stare at the clouds to it!” Iggy Pop

Psychedelic, trance and afro beat around the Ghanaian xylophone Gyil –

In Great Britain, Burch, Goller and Hart alias Vula Viel have been celebrating success for a good while now. Critics of renowned media such as ‘Songlines’, ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Financial Times’ praised their 2015 debut album and subsequent concerts as; „joyous, celebratory and explosive … new and vital“ going as far as to invent their own wild combinations: „like Coltrane in dialogue with early Steve Reich“. In fact, Vula Viel sounds as special as the band’s name suggests. The singular sound of this unconventional trio holds a magical attraction. Catchy melodies sang in a clear, bright voice by Bex Burch build a unique bridge between global pop, typical West African lines and sometimes jazz and psychedelic rock are combined with the repetitive patterns of the Ghanaian xylophone Gyil, which is originally made of sacred wood and whose archaic sound resembles a balaphon. Goller’s on occasion intentionally distorted, always concise, sometimes almost guitaristic bass riffs contribute a rocky, sometimes downright punky note. Jim Hart’s swirling and break-loving beats complete this rhythm monster, whose impressive groove creeps its way up every leg making it next to impossible for it not to move.

  • Bex Burch Gyil, Voc
  • ** Ruth Goller** Electric Bass
  • Jim Hart Drums