Trixie Whitley (USA)
22.15 h
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Trixie Whitley (USA)


After all, it is written in the genes – this tender girl with a powerful soul voice comes from an artistic pedigree, which dates back to the belgium based sculpture artist of the early 20th century George Minne. Insiders know that as the daughter of the genius Chris Whitley it is a challenge to live up to his fame. She masters to meet this entitlement with every new album: Latest since the collaboration with producer Daniel Lanous (Neil Young, US, a.s.o) who employed her as a singer of his band Black Dub, the name of this gifted singer/songwriter is no longer unknown to the wider audience. Since her early childhood, Trixie is living an artist life and commutes between Brooklyn and Belgium. Her new album Lacuna steems with eclectic power and convinces at all levels as a unique and independently produced piece.

Exclusively for Bezau Beatz we experience a »reduced to the max« version – focusing on her stunning voice and beautiful songs.

  • Trixie Whitley Vocals, Guitar, Keys