Toni Eberle Trio
4 pm
Kaspar Grebers Alte Säge

Toni Eberle Trio

The finest Tone

Another local band that will be performing in a barn with amazing architecture located on the way to the village centre from the cable car valley station.
Like a ravenous wolf who has just tasted blood again, Toni Eberle electrifies with a mature blues sound on the new album “Tone”. His songs, with clear, lively compositions are distinguished by shifts in mood and the obligatory groove, which Eddie Harris himself would have enjoyed. An excellent guitarist, Toni has shone in the local music scene for over two decades. His albums, while easy to listen to, are also refined and on stage Toni reveals his unique charm and wit.

  • Toni Eberle guitar & vocoder
  • David Mäder bass
  • Martin Grabher drums