Théo Ceccaldis Freaks (FR)
18.00 h
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Théo Ceccaldis Freaks (FR)

At first, their music may sound anarchic and they may come across as „freaks“ but with every moment the listener devotes to the sound of this band, grows the awareness of how perfectly mastered the wildness of these musicians really is. Théo Ceccaldi and his fellow musicians penetrate us with their demanding concepts and deliver us a world of unique sound spaces. Ceccaldi, has performed on stage and in the studio with all the greats of French jazz including the young and exceptionally talented pianist Roberto Negro.

Ceccaldi’s band sound is rocky, more impetuous and compact, the construction of his music remains characterized by the same French wit and the mental and formal precision that lifts him and his band far above the contemporary average.

  • Théo Ceccaldi Violin, Keyboard, Vocals
  • Valentin Ceccaldi Cello, Bass
  • Quentin Biardeau Sax, Keyboard, Vocals
  • Mathieu Metzger Sax
  • Giani Caserotto Guitar
  • Etienne Ziemniak Drums