Sudden Infant (CH / D)
21.00 h
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Sudden Infant (CH / D)

As a Dada punk, Swiss Joke Lanz cultivates the art of absurd humor and performance, all the while embracing the risk of being considered crazy. He is convinced: Anyone who has anything to do with Dada is aware of the absurdity, the tragedy and the comedy of life and is willing to use these as a source of positive energy.

With Christian Weber (bass) and Alexandre Babel (drums), Joke Lanz’s long-standing one-man project has transformed itself into a powerful three-man band that can be classified stylistically as being somewhere between Dada punk and noise rock. “The more you hear him, the clearer the enormity of his sound becomes. ‘Sudden Infant’ is hardcore and sensitivity, abyss and humanity, irritation and clarity, giving off sounds that shake the body, voice and lyrics that rip open the brain. The previous album ‚Wölfli’s Nightmare‘, produced by Roli Mosimann (The Young Gods), stands like a foundling in the musical landscape of harmlessness.“ (Pirmin Bossart, WoZ) And their latest work „Buddhist Nihilism“ holds a sarcastically entertaining mirror up to the global madness of digitalization and consumption leaving us with an album that could make us all better people.

  • Joke Lanz Voice, Electronics
  • Christian Weber Bass

  • Alexandre Babel Drums, Percussion