Stian Westerhus
10.30 pm
Remise Wälderbähnle

Stian Westerhus

& Pale Horses


To conclude our anniversary event, we will present a very special musical highlight from Norway: Stian Westerhus. Some say this man has no respect for his instrument, the guitar. Others say he has no respect for music itself.

Stian Westerhus is known as an experimental guitarist and performs both as a solo act, and in groups such as Puma or Jaga Jazzist – and even John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin speaks highly of his skills. Westerhus can also be seen playing with Nils Petter Molvær and has long been associated mostly with jazz. But actually, his music has always been impossible to categorise. This is also true of his current album, which Westerhus recorded together with the keyboarder Øystein Moen and drummer Erland Dahlen.

On the album “Maelstrom”, the three plunge into a true vortex of peculiar sounds, noises, fragments and artifacts. Distorted guitar, abstract keyboards, all sorts of electronic sounds, lots of mellotron, and complicated, playful rhythms form a surreal atmosphere in which the music swirls around the listener like in a fanciful dream. The individual pieces are monoliths of sound that are interspersed with guitar sounds, whirring synths and from time to time, almost hymnal and pompous theatricals. “Maelstrom” is defined by unusual contrasts of mystical, dreamy sounds, harsh abysses and weird explorations of sound. While unwelcoming, cold and harsh from time to time, the music then mellifluously enchants the listener again.

The sound is truly unusual and unfamiliar. However, with its quirky sort of otherness, it has a highly hypnotic intensity. Unless this concert beams us into space, the steam train will lead us back to Bezau on Sunday morning at the latest…

  • Stian Westerhus Guitar & Vocals
  • Erland Dahlen Drums
  • Øystein Moen Keyboards