Stale Storlokken
21:00 h
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Stale Storlokken

Solo Piano + Electronics

In his native land Norway, Stale is member of in various rock and jazz bands such as Elephant9, Motorpsycho or the supergroup Supersilent, where John Paul Jones (again Led Zeppelin) occasionally taps the bass. His musical career from rock to jazz to contemporary music lets him draw inspiration from an adventurous arsenal and he does so with delight during in his exquisite solo performances. Suddenly a piano no longer sounds like a piano, but more like a spaceship. The pianist and keyboarder uses subtle electronics to alienate the keyboard instrument in such a way that one occasionally might think one is listening to whole symphony orchestra.

His solo performances are simply an otherworldly experience: music as from another star, a supersonic listening experience in a class of its own. His music creates images in the mind, has an invigorating effect and is not at all arbitrary or boring. The Viking always remains refreshingly spontaneous, thus guaranteeing the discovery of new musical territory.