Reverend Brogers Brass Invasion
10.30 pm
Konzert am Dorfplatz

Reverend Brogers Brass Invasion

Bezau Beatz Störtrupp

Andreas Broger, honorary member of the HMBC and one of the emerging saxophonists on the Austrian scene, has put together a travelling wind group which will be performing from Wednesday 9 August in various locations across the Rhine Valley. Equipped with some chilled bottles of “Wäldarle” (from Egger beer) for the audience, he will play in various public places. The final stop on the tour by this group of agitators will of course be the Bezau village square, where it all began 10 years ago. The “jazz aperitif” at the farmer’s market is not to be missed. The church steeple clock will also play a special solo part, as in all previous years…

  • The Reverend saxophone, clarinet
  • Bartholomäus Natter trumpet
  • Phil Yaeger trombone
  • Matthias Schriefl helicon
  • Valentin Duit drums