Paal Nilsen-Love’s Large Unit
18:00 h
Remise Wälderbähnle

Paal Nilsen-Love’s Large Unit

The Big Picture

Paal Nilsen-Love visited Bezau two years ago with his longtime companions of THE THING. His powerful play, which draws from rock and free jazz and is characterized by an incessant ingenuity, inspires all over the world. Now he is finally bringing the champions of the European festivals scene to us: His large unit provides enthusiastic reactions wherever this dozen is up to mischief!

The great ensemble around drummer Paal Nilssen-Love thrives on sudden breaks, juxtaposing almost intimate solos with a suddenly penetrating massive sound. The ensemble follows a sophisticated dramaturgy in which composed passages serve as anchor points. The Large Unit surprisingly proves to be an extremely disciplined „unit“: a well-rehearsed improvisational big band!

  • Paal Nilssen-love Drums, Percussion
  • Thomas Johansson Cornet, Flugelhorn
  • Mats Äleklint Trombone
  • Julie Kjær Alto Saxophone, Flute
  • Klaus Holm Alto & Baritone Saxophone
  • Kristoffer Alberts Alto & Tenor Saxophone
  • Per Åke Holmlander Tuba
  • Ketil Gutvik Electric Guitar
  • Jon Rune Strøm Double & Electric Bass
  • Christian Meaas Svendsen Double & Electric Bass
  • Andreas Wildhagen Drums, Percussion
  • Christian Obermayer Live Sound