Oli Steidle & the Killing Popes (GER / GB)
19.00 h
Remise Wälderbähnle

Oli Steidle & the Killing Popes (GER / GB)

‘The Killing Popes’ is the name of the new band led by mastermind composer and drummer Oliver Steidle. Associative, rousing, emotional, virtually impossible to categorize, the music of the Killing Popes is at home somewhere between complex rhythms, virtuoso chaos and beautiful melody.
The New German Jazz Prize winner of 2008 and 2010 Oliver Steidle, is best known for his collaborations with Der Rote Bereich, Peter Brötzmann, Philm, SoKo Steidle and Klima Kalima. He has been on the road internationally for years and, according to the press, is one of the leading minds of the constantly developing young Berlin avant-garde.

The Killing Popes are just as much punk as they are jazz band, snotty, loud, weird and at the same time technically brilliant, cleanly clocked down to the millisecond and even when there is a lot of noise and crackling, they are miraculously harmonious. They draw their strength from this tension. With finely adjusted chaos. With explosions of the strictest form. With melodies that they throw into the room just to shoot them down like clay pigeons.

  • Oliver Steidle Drums, Composition (GER)
  • Frank Möbus Guitar (GER)

  • Dan Nichols Keyboards (GB)

  • Philipp Gropper Saxophon (GER)
  • Phil Donkin Bass (GB)