Maja Bugge
11:00 h
Church Reuthe

Maja Bugge

Solo Concert Church Reuthe

With her cello and the reduction to the bare essential Maja Bugge creates an atmosphere that lets the listener fall into a kind of meditative state. She knows how to fully absorb spaces with special acoustics and thereby create a singular acoustic listening experience. She recorded one of her solo albums in a large oil barrel at a refinery on the Norwegian coast, using its special sound as the starting point for thrilling improvisations. The space in which she plays her music is virtually the sounding body of her instrument. The church in Reuthe offers an ideal environment for this.
The cellist, who lives in Lancester, looks back on a 20-year career and has been awarded numerous prizes. In particular, she is also known for her passionate commitment to working with children and adolescents.

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