Lukas Kranzelbinders Shake Stew
10.15 pm
Remise Wälderbähnle

Lukas Kranzelbinders Shake Stew

The Golden Fang

Shake Stew is the latest Austrian jazz band. Since their first performance at the Saalfelden Jazz Festival in 2016, this 7-person group, with their enchanting fusion of high-energy grooves and unbridled improvisation, has been touring through Europe mesmerising audiences: “A musical stroke of genius” says the Falter. Der Standard thinks they are “quite magical”, while Sound & Image say “world class” and Jazzthetik magazine talk of the “jazz album of the year”. When the 28-year-old Lukas Kranzelbinder was asked to play the opening act in Saalfelden in 2016, as the youngest musician ever to do so, he put together this unusual group (two drummers, two bassists, three wind players), bringing together seven pioneering musicians from the Austrian scene. It has been onwards and upwards since that moment.

Working as a stage band in the Porgy & Bess in Vienna, the group will perform a completely new programme from June 2017, positioning themselves as a coordinated working band. At their concerts, it’s hard to decide whether to sit and listen, or to dance around wildly.

  • Lukas Kranzelbinder e-bass
  • Clemens Salesny alto saxophone, flute
  • Johannes Schleiermacher tenor saxophon, flute
  • Mario Rom trumpet, flute
  • Manuel Mayr kontrabass, e-bass
  • Niki Dolp drums, percussion
  • Matthias Koch drums, percussion