Lisa Simone
10.30 pm
Remise Wälderbähnle

Lisa Simone

Princess of Soul and Jazz

In 2003, the music world lost one of its most charismatic personalities with the death of the singer, composer and pianist Nina Simone. More than a decade later, her daughter, Lisa Simone, born in 1962, began her solo career with the programmatic album “All Is Well”. Now, she has really raised the bar. The excellent work of this confident singer is called “My World”. She enchants her audience with a mix of jazz, gospel and soul, and her strong stage presence. She writes most of her songs together with the immensely talented Senagalese guitarist Hervé Samb. She is already a star in France and in just a short time, she has set Europe’s large stages on fire. We saw her perform in January at her concert at the Zurich Concert Hall, after which we were totally convinced that she would be a worthy headliner for our anniversary. With her unbelievable voice, inherited from her mother, Lisa performed with boldness, elegance, dignity. If her mother can be described as the queen of soul and jazz, Lisa is definitely the princess! As an introduction to this unforgettable evening, we recommend watching the Netflix documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone?” – Lisa shines in this exciting documentary as a strong personality and gives a hint of the emotional journey that she will take us on during the evening…

  • Lisa Simone vocals
  • Herve Sambe guitar
  • Reggie Washington basses
  • Sonny Troupe drums