Heavy Metal Rabbit
20.30 pm
Remise Wälderbähnle

Heavy Metal Rabbit

Impulsive Impro

This band is as energetic as a 100 metre sprint across a carrot field. With Heavy Metal Rabbit, three extremely creative and almost impulsive improvisation musicians have, according to them, “finally” found themselves. The contrabass master Barry Guy, who celebrated his 70th birthday this year, revolutionised the art of bass playing in the 70s. He joins two musicians in this band who are an entire generation younger than him. Together, they have a convincingly youthful, fresh sound and they deconstruct the skeletal compositions in a democratic way. The three musicians navigate their musical field with enthusiasm, wit and humour, sidestepping from a lively beat to electro-bop like a rabbit on the run.

Barry Guy has been a leading improvisation artist and composer of new music worldwide for several decades. Lucien Dubuis is considered to be a mix of the chromosomes of John Coltrane and the Beastie Boys. And Alfred Vogel will be pulling out all the stops on the drums. Jazz musician. Producer (Boomslang Records) and head of Bezau Beatz. He won’t mind if he falls off his stool on the night…

  • Lucien Dubuis bass clarinet
  • Barry Guy contrabass
  • Alfred Vogel Drums & Octopad