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An egoist’s self-discovery trip, a mystical name, naked and uncompromising music. Hanreti is a statement, an experiment, a snapshot in the work of fabulous Swiss musicians, which does not fit in any genre or box, because it does not want to fit. Songs, carried by the limping and bouncing heartbeat of an enamored or conversely a suicidal individual, cryptic texts, prophesied in divinatory madness: The Lucerne based band Hanreti brings out their third record „Deep Sea Dream“ after „Alt F“ (2015) and „Cuetrigger“ (2016). Hanreti’s heart, brain and main songwriter Timo Keller is a sound innovator who wanders around the world with his ears open, collecting music like a sponge, from folk to funk, from soul to jazz, from indie rock to hip-hop. Early on, Keller brought in support drummer Mario Hänni, who deconstructs, decontextualizes and reduces beats precisely and with wit and incredible musical understanding. The experimenters are grounded by bassist Rees Coray and the quartet is completed by guitarist Jeremy Sigrist with his sensitive, musical finesse. Arno Troxler of the Willisau Jazzfestival suggested this insider tip to us – we are thrilled to have them at the festival.

Timo Keller vocals, guitar, synth

  • Mario Hänni** drums

Rees Coray bass
Jeremy Sigrist guitar