HANG EM HIGH feat. Stale Storlokken
19:30 h
Remise Wälderbähnle

HANG EM HIGH feat. Stale Storlokken

Clinch of the instruments

In their third album „Tres Testosterones“ HANG EM HIGH have released a highly acclaimed work by the international press in 2017 and have subsequently logged numerous festivals and clubs around the world. Their music denies any kind of stereotyping, only in one thing, the three agree: their sound is ideally suited to be realized in a David Lynch movie! In fact, their pieces inspire a happy and funky-humorous mental cinematic experience.

A polish gent called Bond requires only two strings on his bass guitar. His bass has something sonorous, a heavy gravity, and keeps pushing forward from the dark, supplemented by various electronic sounds. In addition, Alfred Vogel mercilessly hammers, driving patterns and over this rock-solid foundation, Dubuis whirls and spins with his bass clarinet. No prisoners are taken here. There are no dogmas and certainly no narrow-mindedness. Three guys pretend they have a shell of impenetrable leather. And yet, what they bring up here also reveals a sensitive core.

And: BEZAU BEATZ makes it possible: Stale Storlokken joins the gang with a Fender Rhodes for an exquisite BEZAUian session!

  • Bond 2-string-slide-bass
  • Lucien Dubuis bass clarinet
  • Alfred Vogel drums
  • Stale Storlokken fender rhodes