FS:eins - Viola Falb, Bernd Satzinger
3 pm
Hütte 345 in Schönenbach

FS:eins - Viola Falb, Bernd Satzinger

Jakob Dietrich Gedenkkonzert

Deceleration and reduction are important features in the music of “FS:eins”. Unusual soundscapes between abstraction and sensuality are created from live sampled and processed saxophone and synthesizer-retort sounds. Acoustic, electroacoustic and electronic sounds overlap in compact compositions of cool clarity with surprising details. The pieces are also inspired by the genres of new music, minimal music, and various other forms of electronic music (techno, ambient, etc.).

We think they will be the perfect act for Jakob Dietrich’s cabin, the cabin owner and patron of culture who passed away in 2016. Jakob welcomed us with open arms to the wonderful alpine hillside village. Here, we wish to honour of Jakob Dietrich’s memory by celebrating his attitude towards innovation, sensuality and cultural aspects.