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The science of basic instincts

The singer and violinist Evelyn Fink-Mennel has been working on traditional Austrian and international ethno music for many years, is interested in songs as a cultural or socio-historical source, researches and puts it into practice.

Philipp Lingg wrote the hit „Vo Mello bis gi Schoppornou“ and celebrated the cfollowing chart success with the band HMBC. Contraception Museum Director Christian Fiala (MUVs Wien), initiator of the project, is pleased about the new CD: „In the past, folk music played a central role in human communication because there was hardly any media. Even the topics of sexuality and fertility were lauded in this medium – albeit in a hidden message. We too, as a museum, break taboos and address issues that are very important to many people, but which they consider unspeakable/embarrassing. In that sense, these minnesongs fit perfectly with the contraceptive museum.“

Together with „the Hias“ on double bass, they yodel and create music that almost makes the dirndl bursts or the Lederhosen slip.

  • Evelyn Fink-Mennel Vocals, Violn
  • Philipp Lingg Vocals, Guitar
  • Matthias Härtel Kontrabass