10:30 h
Werkraum Bregenzerwald / Andelsbuch


BB & Werkraum Bregenzerwald present

Dsilton plays music in multi-sonar moods with grooving, modulating rhythms in energetic arrangements. In the current program, composition cycles of Georg Vogel and David Dornig are interlinked. In the most diverse approaches to composition and improvisation, a common ground is always shared: complex rhythm and the extended sound palette of the 31-tone system!

The range spans from early jazz through to 31-tone serial composition to the processing of field recordings from all over the world.
This multi-toned journey is made possible by a special instrumentation: Adapted, retuned keyboard instruments, drums and a newly developed electric guitar with 31 frets per octave!

We say: an experience heard on seldom today, and that of three aspiring, young musicians from Vienna! In addition, visitors to this concert can also discover the current exhibition in the Werkraum Bregenzerwald. We recommend starting the day with a traditional regional breakfast in the Werkraum canteen – there will be Ribel and coffee!

  • Georg Vogel Clavinet, E-Piano, Synthesizer
  • David Dornig 31-tone E-Guitar
  • Valentin Duit Drums