Chris Dahlgren + Harry Marte
12.00 am
Klosterkirche Bezau

Chris Dahlgren + Harry Marte

Around Midnight

12:00am – with Chris Dahlgren + Harry Marte in Bezau Abbey

That’s right, we’re lighting a musical firework this year! At midnight, to conclude the opening night, we will be filling the candlelit abbey in the centre of the village, where two very special singer/songwriters will captivate us with their wonderfully relaxed, poetic songs. Chris Dahlgren from New York, who has earned an excellent reputation over the last two decades as a contrabassist (who has performed with Anthony Braxton amongst others, for example), will perform here on guitar and viola de gamba as a singer/songwriter. Here, he will breathe new life into songs, using a medieval string instrument as his accompaniment. Leonard Cohen fans will be able to indulge here, as well as those fond of the music of the likes of Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan. Harry Marte will also play parts of his new album “Little Prayers” as a guest act, with Chris Dahlgren accompanying. When the church bells ring at 12:45am, we will release you back into the world of dreams…