Barry Guy & Maya Homburger
11 am
Rüttingar Kirchele

Barry Guy & Maya Homburger

Schöpferische Spannung

The duo of Homburger Guy are proof that music has no boundaries, as long as certain genre boundaries are respected: the key is in the clever use of contrast, as opposed to levelling monotony. New compositions, improvisations and baroque masterpieces are fused to form a musical experience. (from a review in Der Bund)

Maya Homburger and Barry Guy manage to bridge the gap between old and new music in a project that brings together the works of G.Ph.Telemann, H.I.F.Biber and Dario Castello with Barry Guy’s modern compositions and improvisations. The similarities of old and new music (in the art of variation and improvisation) and their differences (in the sound concepts, harmony and rhythm) are expertly mixed, forming creative tension.

  • Barry Guy contrabass
  • Maya Homburger violine