Alabaster De Plume (UK)
20.30 h
Remise Wälderbähnle

Alabaster De Plume (UK)

Alabaster DePlume – Voice, Guitar, Saxophon
(Line-up tbc)

The mercilessly refreshing saxophonist and spoken word artist Alabaster De Plume is based in Manchester and East London. According to The Guardian, De Plumes experimental music is „a reminder of how vital and adventurous music can be“. Abstract wit blends with deep profanity and turns into an almost poetic stage performance full of correlative tension, in which sounds and words, musicians and audience are given the opportunity to celebrate the peculiar distillate of the present moment.

In 2011, Gus Fairbairn, originally from Manchester, adorned himself with his ‘nom de plume’ and with all kinds of other feathers, from performances to short films and poetry readings in pubs or at the circus. Meanwhile, Alabaster, has also proven himself as a saxophonist on three albums leading to Shabaka Hutchings saying; „definitely one of my favorite saxophonists from this country“. His unique and peculiar pop music with a ‘daring’ of jazz suggests that an exceptional artist is at work here.

Gus Fairbairn aka Alabaster De Plume (Gitarre, Saxophon, Gesang)
Donna Thompson (drums)
Hannah Miller (cello)
Matt Webb (bass)