Aki Takase & DJ Illvibe
21:00 h
Remise Wälderbähnle

Aki Takase & DJ Illvibe

Freely associated

The meeting of Aki Takase and DJ Illvibe is based on the CD LOK03, in which also an old master of FreeJazz, Alexander von Schlippenbach, was involved. It deals with the famous LOK03, which goes on an imaginary journey around the world and visits the most diverse places. It moves jauntily from Berchtesgaden to Tokyo, from Utrecht to Eisenhüttenstadt or Detroit. It spontaneously improvises and reacts to each other, resulting in a lively, complex and at the same time very humorous outcome.

AKI TAKASE was born in Osaka, grew up in Tokyo and now lives in Berlin. She is one of the most renowned, creative and versatile musicians and is touring the world. She always keeps in touch with young musicians and does not shy away from any project that could mean new musical territory.

DJ Illvibe, whose real name is Vincent von Schlippenbach, was born in Berlin in 1980 as the son of free jazz pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach. When Illvibe opens his record case, he finds in it a whole universe of music. He unearths great voices, single instruments, whole orchestras, kicks, snares and bass drums or Tibetan overtone singing. As a producer (the Krauts!) he has been involved in numerous, very successful hip-hop productions, from SEED and Peter Fox to Marteria. But Illvibe is and remains a sound innovator – a treasure hunter for the craziest scraps of sound.

  • Aki Takase piano
  • DJ Illvibe turntables