Adam Schatz & Landlady
22:30 h
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Adam Schatz & Landlady

The World Is A Loud Place

In early 2017, the New York musicians released their third album, which is entitled „The World Is A Loud Place“. Their sound can be described as a mixture of indie pop, art rock, funk, jazz, folk, new wave and reggae. Critics drew comparisons to Randy Newman, Pierre Ubu, Talking Heads, Dirty Projectors, or TV On The Radio. Frontman Adam Schatz is also involved in the band Vampire Weekend.

The band around the multi-instrumentalist Adam Schatz creates a skillful change between lush compositions and gentle solos. Both a multitude of instruments and guest musicians found their way onto the record.

All this stands for an experimental, varied and partly orchestra-like sound, which reaches into the progressive, the pop-genre. Schatz impresses not only vocally with a peaceful soulful voice, but also with his theatrical live performance. By the way, they align themselves with the genre „surprise“ and thus fit in with the Bezau Beatz like a glove. The only thing left to mention is that the drummer Ian Chang, with his tricky yet hard rolling Beatz, can be counted among the most dazzling and innovative new discoveries of the New York downtown scene!

  • Adam Schatz Keyboard, Vocals
  • Ian Chang Drums, Vocals, Guitar
  • Will Graefe Vocals, Guitar
  • Ian Davis Bass, Vocals