In addition to the main stage in the Remise Wälderbähnle (Wälderbähnle carriage shed), Bezau Beatz will take place at the following venues this year:

  1. 1. Remise Wälderbähnle, main stage
  2. 2. Alte Säge (Old Sawmill)
  3. 3. Church of Saint Jodok
  4. 4. Panorama Restaurant Baumgarten
  5. 5. Schönenbach, Hütte 345
  6. 6. Bezau Beatz Café – Alte Krone

  1. Locations on Google Maps

1. Remise Wälderbähnle (Wälderbähnle carriage shed), main stage

From 1902 to 1980, the Bregenzerwald train ran daily between Bezau and the federal state capital Bregenz. When the so-called “Wälderbähnle” train is not in use on the heritage railway line, this historical steam and diesel locomotive is housed in the carriage shed in Bezau. This carriage shed is also used as the main stage of Bezau Beatz. The carriage shed is located in the village centre at the bus station / railway station 147 / Sutterlüty Einkaufszentrum.

2. Alte Säge (Old Saw Mill)

The Alte Säge in Bezau is a very special meeting place. With much finesse, Kaspar Greber has converted the old workshop into a unique location for concerts and festivals. The simple wooden facade is deceiving – hidden behind this is a beautifully renovated room which brings together traditional and modern timber architecture and provides the ideal stage for our concerts. In 2013, the Alte Säge was awarded the Vorarlberger prize for timber construction.

The Alte Säge is located in the “Obere 688” on Dorfstrasse, 2 minutes away from the valley station of the Bezau cable car. This is the perfect stop for anyone wanting to head towards the Remise (carriage shed) after the JäzzSpätzle…


3. Church of Saint Jodok

The parish church of Bezau was built in 1907/1908 according to plans by Albert Rimli and master builder Seraphin Pümpel.
With its imposing ceiling paintings and colorful glass windows, it offers the perfect setting for our concerts.
The parish church is located in the center of Bezau and can be reached in 10 minutes on foot from the main stage.


4. Panoramic restaurant at Baumgarten

Impressive and transparent, the panoramic restaurant sits at the top of Baumgarten. The viewing platform on the roof of the restaurant offers 360 degree views to the horizon. It is the perfect location for our JäzzSpätzle concert, which was awarded the special award for tourism innovation in 2013.

was awarded the special award for tourism innovation in 2013. You can hike to the panoramic restaurant in 90 minutes from the valley station which is at the end of Bezau. The journey by cable car takes just 6 minutes.


5. Schönenbach, cabin 345

Schönenbach is one of the hillside settlements of the market town of Bezau, first documented in 1491. The group of houses is considered to be a historical treasure and is still part of the traditional agricultural Alpine transhumance process. A special concert will also be held this year in the Dietrich family’s more-than-300-year old cabin, No. 345.

The hillside settlement of Schönenbach is about 3 hours’ hike from Bezau, or 20 minutes by car. There is also a regular ÖBB bus connection. At the top, please park in the public car park and then walk to the cabin (approx. 10 minutes’ walk). Cabin No. 345 is two minutes away from the Jagdgasthaus Egender. Bus route 36 Bezau Busbahnhof (Bezau bus station) at 1:19pm – arrival in Schönenbach at 1:47pm or Bezau bus station at 2:19pm – arrival in Schönenbach at 2:47pm


6. Bezau Beatz Café – Alte Krone

The historic inn is located near the church of Bezau and opens specially for the Bezau Beatz. From 10 am until 6 pm you can enjoy the finest espresso of our sponsor DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE and listen to spontaneous sessions of BEZAU BEATZ artists!

Almost every hour you will be surprised with program points (more details we communicate via Facebook and Instagram, shortly before and during the festival).

The entrance is free – so welcome to BEZAU BEATZ CAFÉ in the Alte Krone!


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