Dear listeners,

All good things come in threes! For the third time already, Bezau Beatz takes place from the 11th to the 13th of August 2016 in the old train station of the local vintage train called “Wälderbähnle”. We are very excited to present selected musical gems of the international creative music scene on the first anniversary at the new venue.

Find more about this year’s program selection in our editorial …

We invite you to a collective music experience of a special kind with an extraordinary atmosphere. Set in a region that offers the ideal venue with delightful architecture, creative handicraft, country lifestyle, natural idyll and a unique hospitality for a refreshing culture weekend.

Alfred Vogel
& the WITUS Team of Bezau Beatz

Stian Westerhus Charlie Cunningham Heavy Metal Rabbit Toni Eberle Trio JäzzSpätzle Barry Guy & Maya Homburger Lisa Simone FIRE! Wildbirds & Peacedrum FS:eins - Viola Falb, Bernd Satzinger Chris Dahlgren + Harry Marte Lukas Kranzelbinders Shake Stew Paris Monster qÖÖlp (123)

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