Bezau Beatz 2019

Dear audience,

We are entering the 12th round. So one could surmise that slowly but surely the festival might have become more predictable, routine. But that’s not the case!
 As we remain true to our motto quality before quantity, each year we face the challenge of delighting you with exquisite music, without repeating ourselves or drifting off into the mainstream. Bezau Beatz stands for unique musical moments, for surprise, excitement and the enjoyment of a collective musical experience. The unique atmosphere in the shed of the ‘Wälderbähnle’ has proven itself to be a fantastic location for our festival- which we will be enjoying for the 6th time this year.

The next edition of Bezau Beatz will take place between August 8th – 10th, 2019!

Bezau Beatz 2018 Highlights

John Parish and Band Aki Takase & DJ Illvibe HANG EM HIGH feat. Stale Storlokken Finklinggs Maja Bugge BEZAU BEATZ Clubbing with BECK TO BECK Leo Genovese Trio Hanreti DJ ride with the Wälderbähnle Paal Nilsen-Love’s Large Unit SNAP DSILTON Stale Storlokken Jim Hart’s Cloudmakers Trio

Bezau Beatz: Overview

Every day from 10–18 h:

Bezau Beatz Café

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