Editorial 2017

Dear readers,

It has been 10 years since none other than Philipp Fankhauser brought Bezau Beatz to life in the Bezau village square in 2008. Since then, many impressive names have visited us, such as Peter Evans, Barry, Altschul, Jean Paul-Bourelly, Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Steve Swallow, Adam Nussbaum, Gwylim Simcock, Bombino, Tony Scherr, Trixie Whitley and many more. According to arts supplements, Bezau has developed into a new centre for improvised music and last year, the European Jazz Network named us one of the best summer festivals!

We are delighted to receive consistently positive attention from experts. But most of all, we are pleased that the unique atmosphere, environment and great hospitality here in the Bregenz Forest is so appreciated by all the prominent artists. Furthermore, we are thrilled to have a loyal and continually growing audience which has become noticeably more international in the last three years. Visitors from France, the Benelux countries, Germany and Switzerland now regularly mix among local visitors from Austria and those from the border triangle around Lake Constance.

Bezau Beatz is also distinguishing itself more and more as a music festival that is open to many different genres. The combination of different varieties of improvised music and singer/songwriters, interspersed with experimental artistic forms or an ethnic contribution or two has been preserved. We have fond memories of the rainy concert of the Tuareg singer Bombino, who has since become established in the top ranks of the world music charts, or the band Amok Amor (whose drummer Chiristian Lillinger won the coveted SWR jazz prize this year!), who began their thriving career at Bezau Beatz.
With our anniversary programme, we would like to thank most of all you, our valued audience. The fact that we are able to offer such an eclectic cross-section of thought-provoking, creative music here in Bezau is not least thanks to your interest and lasting enthusiasm. And so we hope that together we will also be able to enjoy music to the fullest in 2017 with an exceptional supporting programme.

Thank you for your continued trust! We look forward to seeing you for an excellent weekend of music in August.

Alfred Vogel and the Bezau Beatz team

The supporting programme will again take place in Schönenbach this year, in the Rüttinger Kirchele, on the Baumgarten mountain station and, new this year, in Kasper’s Alte Säge (Old Saw Mill) in Oberdorf and in the Klosterkirche Bezau (Bezau Abbey) as well. And a concert on the village square, where it all began, should not be missed.

Between the concerts in the evenings in the carriage shed, you can enjoy delicious food from Emanuel Moosbrugger and the “Wild Women” from the Schwanen Bizau as well as the excellent hospitality at Martin Fink’s bar fink.wertvoll genießen. Near to the venues, at the Cafe Deli at Hotel Bären, you can treat yourself to a barista-prepared coffee and the hotel’s speciality cinnamon rolls.