Editorial 2019

Dear Audience,

It gives us great pleasure to announce the 12th edition of BEZAU BEATZ. Our memories of last year’s edition are still very much alive. The ever-present positive atmosphere amongst artists, musicians and you, dear audience, continues to inspire and motivate us to stay true to our motto: the collective enjoyment of live music beyond the musical mainstream.

Music is multidimensional. It can entertain, emotionally challenge and enchant us. Here at BEZAU BEATZ we create a space where improvised, composed and traditional forms of music meet and a new and contemporary form of music emerges.

And so too this year, we will take you on a musical roller coaster ride. Brace yourself for the dizzying heights, the soaring falls, the rapid curves and the surprise turns that await you at BEZAU BEATZ 2019.

We will open this year’s festival with the fantastic New Yorker Trumpeter Peter Evans and his Trio. With the ‘jack of all trades’ Jim Black on drums and Tom Blancarte on Double Bass, we are assured an evening that goes beyond any form of categorization other than that of ‘music of the highest quality’. ‘Sudden Infant’ with their humorous Dadaistic lyrics and powerful sound will then go on to turn any rational or even intellectual thoughts you may have about music, upside down and when on Saturday evening you are forced to jump off your seat and dance with joy to the music of ‘Vula Viel’, we will be right there with you, dancing into the night!

At this year’s BEZAU BEATZ we will experience not only lots of musical but also cultural diversity with musicians joining us from South Korea (the Near East Quartet), Portugal (Bode Wilson, Susana Santos Silva), the USA (Leni Stern, Trixie Whitely) or Great Britain (Alabaster de Plume). No matter where they come from, all these artists have one thing in common: attitude, intensity, respect for traditions and the urge for independence and innovation.

In addition to our valued and time tested locations like the ‘Remise’ of the Bregenzerwald Bahn, ‘Kaspar’s Alter Säge’, ‘The Hut’ in Schönenbach, and the panorama restaurant Baumgarten at 1650m altitude, we will also play the newly renovated church in Bezau (with its own church organ) and continue to invite you to join us at the ‘Old Crown’ in the middle of the village where you can experience any number of spontaneous sessions or concerts in our pop-up BEZAU BEATZ Cafe – exclusively accessible during the festival, from morning to evening.

So, let us all look forward to a musical weekend with familiar faces, new friendships, artists from all over the world and the open-minded Bezau Beatz audience in the midst of the natural surroundings of the beautiful Bregenzerwald.

Alfred Vogel and the BEZAU BEATZ Team.